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VAYA MÁS RÁPIDO CON EL equipo de outsystems ADECUADO

Servicios profesionales de OutSystems:
Tutoría, subcontratación, servicios de expertos 


¿Necesita ayuda con la adopción de OutSystems? 

¿No estás viendo los resultados que esperabas? Podemos ayudarte con un equipo  con mucha experiencia (+16 años) y multidisciplinar.

Al estar constantemente enfocados en la adopción, podemos ayudarlo a lo largo del viaje de OutSystems, sin importar en qué etapa se encuentre. Ya sea que recién haya comenzado, esté creciendo,  o esté escalando, tenemos una variedad de servicios que se adaptan a diferentes niveles de adopción y madurez.


¿Mantengámonos en contacto?


"When we started working with OutSystems we had difficulties in finding trained professionals to work with the platform. 

After meeting Digital, we noticed the difference in service. We were finally able to feel the “excellence in service”, with extremely qualified professionals, high availability of certified consultants, that are able to support us on a daily basis, from the best programming practices to the governance, measuring performance and supporting us in continuous improvement processes.

You will find several differences comparing to others in the market: partnership, innovative team, well trained consultants, active communication, focused on customer service and above all, commitment and quality".

Sabrina Cucolo
Digital Channels Coordinator - Insurance services


"Beginning one year ago McConkey Auction Group engaged Digital Alchimia, first for mentoring of developers transitioning to Outsystems, and soon after as outsourced full-time technical leadership on our team.  Since, we have standardized our architecture and streamlined delivery resulting in significant improvements in productivity and velocity.  

There are a number of things that make Digital Alchimia a superb partner.  First, the corporate culture at Digital Alchimia closely matches that of McConkey Auction Group.  People come first and if you nurture and support your people, they will do great things for you.  

We plan to continue working with Digital Alchimia for years to come as they grow and our need to scale increases.  Digital Alchimia is an A+ partner of McConkey Auction Group."

Scott Finkle 
VP of Thechnology - McConkey Auction Group

"It's one of the best consultancy focused on OS, furthermore, it promotes the technology in Brazil, training new consultants and creating opportunities for new talents.

Digital Alchimia is a great partner for us, it's been helping us to build our applications and work on technological innovation projects."

Erick Lima
Systems Development Manager - HR Services



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