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In 2006 I decided to move from Brazil to Portugal looking for new challenges. My background at that point was majorly related with .NET & Design experience and the first opportunity that was presented to me was “A kind a of software development tool with less code that you are used to it” as the recruiter explained to me. With only a few bucks on the wallet and urging to find a job to get bills paid, I accepted the challenge. I never imagined that decision could change my professional life from that moment on. I was able to combine my passion “to get things very visual” with software development. 


The recognition came fast and in 2016 I was recognized by OutSystems as an OutSystems Most Valuable Professional as result of my passion and dedication to help more and more clients to innovate using OutSystems. 


Later, I’ve decided to expand this passion and to replicate the formula, so I’ve founded Digital Alchimia, a consultancy company based in São Paulo - Brazil, 100% focused on the OutSystems Platform. At this point we are helping clients from +5 countries including US, Canada, Brazil, Portugal and Netherlands.


We want to differentiate from our competitors: Doesn’t make sense to deliver bad software faster. We want adoption, real and measurable business value and people passionate about the transformation that we can provide with OutSystems.

Rafael Pereira 

Digital Alchimia Founder / OutSystems Global MVP

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We’ve been recognized by OutSystems with 3 innovation awards for applications developed from medium impact, to major core systems which are differentiating our clients in their market.



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